DXA Body Comp NC Mobile Unit

The DXA Body Comp Mobile Unit

Will be at 02 Fitness Holly Springs - 256 Grand Hill Place, Holly Springs

Monday, July 29 from 3pm - 5pm

A Scan That Tells Your Body’s Story

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Medical-grade health testing and gold standard technologies delivering immediate, science-backed insights about your body composition.


Our team works to help you understand what your body composition results mean and how to use those results to help you achieve your fitness and health goals.


Browse a list of our most frequently asked questions to prepare you for your visit with us.


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How well do you think you know your body? Just like you can’t judge a book by its cover, you can’t determine what’s going on with your body just from the outside. DXA scans speak louder than a scale and are the most trusted method of determining a person’s body composition of muscle, bone, and fat. At DXA Body Composition NC, we utilize the most advanced technology in the body composition industry to provide customers with comprehensive analyses of their bodies from the inside out.


The price per scan affords you the ability to check back in on results as you make progress with your lifestyle changes.


The scans are safe for your body, only emitting the same amount of radiation you would receive taking a stroll on a sunny day.


DXA scans give you an accurate body composition report with information that ranges within 1-2% margin of error.


Along with your body composition scan, you will receive a personalized consultation with a DXA specialist to review your results.

What Our Patients Say

DXA Body Compositon of NC
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Joshua Sasek
Joshua Sasek
17:34 26 Mar 20
I had emailed with Adam before going in and he was very responsive and helpful. The appointment was thorough and Adam was extremely knowledgeable and was able to break down the results to me so that I understood everything clearly. He was friendly and professional and I will definitely be back for a follow up in the future. I recommend them to anyone looking to get a scan done!
Chris Kitchura
Chris Kitchura
01:29 16 Feb 20
Completed my first DXA scan here. Adam was extremely professional and knowledgeable of the process and the metrics after I received my results. I will for sure be back again to track my nutrition and fitness progress! FYI a MIL discount is also offered!
Gwendolyn Allen
Gwendolyn Allen
19:16 20 Sep 19
Have been looking for a place to get this scan done to compare against other body Comp methods (caliper, tape etc) and to use as a metric to track my training and nutrition progress. Adam was fantastic, great at returning calls, sending the information ahead of time and was quick, courteous and exceptionally pleasant through the scan. He took the time to go over all the results so we understood each value and define each aspect of the report. Will definitely recommend to all my friends and gym goers as well as be a returning client myself! Thank you so much!
Backup Email account
Backup Email account
19:48 21 Feb 19
Great experience overall. It only took about 10 min and I got my copy right away. I also got really good information about my DXA from Adam (Tech). Very friendly and knowledgeable staff.
Cody D
Cody D
01:45 14 Jun 18
I got a DXA scan here today. The technician was super professional and friendly. He explained everything so well! If you are considering a DXA scan I highly recommend this place!
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